2017’s ONLY Supermoon to Help Ring In 2018

The New Year is such a big deal that even the moon is coming closer to join us in the party.

As we will all be hanging out with friends and loved ones this Sunday night ringing in the new year, it looks like we will all have an extra guest. By awesome coincidence¬†a Supermoon is set to be visible on both Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st, but what does this really mean? Usually when people hear the term Supermoon they either are unsure what it is or are scared by the name and begin to fear that the moon will fall and crash into the earth. For the uninitiated, A “Supermoon” occurs when the moon is at its closet position to the earth distance-wise (Because the slight curve in its orbit) and when a full moon occurs at the same time as this period of close distance.

This event usually happens around once a year, but 2017 seemed to be special as this year did not have a Supermoon until literally the last night of the year. Now, here’s where the fun is a tad cut off, as while the term Supermoon sounds sweet, it sadly amounts to the moon we see only being around ~15% bigger from our point of view on the ground.supermoon-chart

Still pretty cool if you keep thinking about it on a celestial scale, but if that’s not your cup of tea this whole deal is still enough to have some people be over the moon with excitement!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!