Happy New Year’s Eve!

2017 is ending and it only seems right to celebrate!

Whether this year has been absolutely been amazing for you, or simply just the pits, we can all get together and celebrate and party as we all watch the ball drop over in New York. Maybe for you parties aren’t in your future today, that’s alright! You can tune in either tonight from 6PM-Midnight or 6AM-Noon New Years Day to our ALTimate 93.3 Countdown Show with Mo and Dustin.

Just wanted to pop in today and simply just say Thank You all for listening. It’s you guy’s positivity and energy that keeps us all going, whether you just simply listen on your way to work or find time to go to our events and meet the A Team, Thank You for making 2017 amazing for us.

Alright so, don’t drink and drive, hope to see you all in 2018, and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!