Most Popular 2018 Resolutions!

As this first day of the New Year ends I feel that it would be appropriate to find out what people’s goals are for the next 365 days. It may seem for many, that their resolutions for the new Year are often personalized and private, but with the power of Google anything is possible!

Digital Marketing Company iQuanti has released the numbers on how many certain terms often associated with resolutions were searched into Google between January to October last year, and while I want to say that some of the results are shocking…some, just truly aren’t.

1st place goes to “Get Healthy” with over 16 Million related searches (whether this means better diets or gym visits, iQuanti did not specify)

2nd is to “Get More Organized” with a staggering drop to 33+ Million searches as people seemed to feel more forgetful this past year.

3rd is awarded to “Live Life To The Fullest” with 19 Million (The vagueness of that statement is astonishing)

Lastly 4th-7th are as follows: “Learn New Hobbies” at 17.4 Million, “Spend Less Money and Save More” at 16 Million, “Travel” has 6 Million, and finally “Read More” enjoys 4.7 Million Searches.

Did you see any of yours on the list? Maybe someone you know has similar goals and you can team up and help each other actually achieve them this year!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!