Dippin’ Dots Establishes NEW Cryogenics Company

The flavor in mind this time seems to be money.

The company associated with flavorful and sweet flash-freezed dots announced yesterday that they are now expanding their company to be used as a regular cryogenic distributor alongside a confectionary creator. What this boils down to is that Dippin’ Dots now has a secondary business that will operate by lending its technology for who ever will pay for it. This expansion is mostly aimed toward Farming, Pharmaceutical, and Animal-feed companies as for them Flash-Freezing is an effective method of business. Their process consists of using liquid Nitrogen to freeze items to temperatures around -320 degrees F.

And really, its as simple as that, Dippin’ Dots realized that it was time for a shift and while the ice cream is still the main focus, its undeniable that the company is excited to shift into new industries. Well, Best of luck to those guys, They always made good ice cream, so here’s hoping that they make good pills too! (Maybe they can make pills that taste like ice cream?)

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!