Where is The FIRST Alternative Hit of 2018?

Usually the ALT charts don’t follow alongside other genres, but in cases like this, one has to wonder.

2018 has been eventful so far to say the least, as anyone who was hoping that the speed and craziness that started in 2016 and continued (although less persistent) in 2017 would die down is slowly being proved wrong. While going into the exact happenings of this year would take up too much time and controversy, there is one aspect of this new year that has been quite interesting to see play out. It seems as if overnight, a completely new wave of Pop music has been released and is dominating the charts. The admittedly stale top 100 has gotten quite the shot in the arm as multiple top Pop artists have release either new tunes, new albums, or new news about albums. A peek over the Pop charts shows a picture not far off of the Wild West, as that top spot seems to be anyone’s game.

Ok, that’s all nice, but what does this have to do with ALT? well, that’s exactly it…it doesn’t, it’s actually the EXACT opposite. While other genres have greeted the new year with distinct and fresh new tracks, most of the ALT scene seems to mostly the same. So, Where IS the new stuff? Is it wrong to assume that ALT would follow the same pattern as Pop? Or perhaps a myriad of ALT acts are just putting in the final touches and are planning to release the good stuff later in the year?

All I can say is that we plan to stay on top on all news ALT here at ALTAZ, and will be sure to keep you informed by not only sharing news on our social media pages, but also build more and more connections to ALT sources. It would be wrong to say 2018 has started poorly for ALT music, but the current lack of new blood in the pool could cause concern.

But with many things, only time will tell!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!