Futuristic Litter Boxes are Here!

Every cat owner absolutely HATES dealing with their little friend’s litter box, but for years it just seemed that working with these crap cubes just came along with being a cat owner. Now, it looks like one company has taken it upon themselves to attack this tedious chore and save the precious time of cat owners everywhere. A tech company by the named Little Robot has made it their mission to automate services and jobs found in the common household. Yesterday, Little Robot revealed their newest piece of tech, that being, you guessed it, an automatic self-cleaning littler box named the Open Air III. How this kitty sphere works is that it has a space sensor so it knows when your cat both enters and leaves the pod, after your kitty leaves and finishes their business, the pod begins to tilt and sift the litter and allows used clumps to drop below into a disposable bag, where you can easily throw it all away!

I’m telling you, one day our pets are going to either be completely digital or hybrid cyborgs. This pod is definitely a step in that direction!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!