Happy 49th Birthday Dave Grohl!

Legendary Musician Dave Grohl celebrates his 49th birthday today, and it would only be appropriate to not only celebrate but to also look back on some of the numerous accomplishments Grohl has had.

His first big break was when he was about seventeen, where he actually lied about his age to join the band Scream who were looking for a new drummer. During this time, Grohl toured and played with the band extensively for about 4 years before Scream disbanded. Downtrodden, Grohl looked upon his friend Buzz Osborne of Melvins fame for advice, to which Osborne would introduce Grohl to Nirvana, and…well we all know how that went. Years of worldwide success met Grohl and Nirvana up until Cobain’s passing in 1994. After the end of Nirvana, Dave felt lost as his major passion in life seemed to now be behind him. Determined to not give up, in October of 1994 Grohl would schedule studio time where he created a fifteen track demo by himself, covering both vocals and instrumentation. What follows is a few brief guitar stints with bands like Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Pearl Jam. During this time important figures within the music industry like Gary Gersh (The then new president of Capitol Records) didn’t want to see Dave waste his talents, so he offered Grohl a deal with Capitol. Only after reuniting with some old band mates, Grohl signed on with Capitol Records with a new band he would name Foo Fighters.

Well the rest is pretty much history, to this day Grohl is a well respected musician and a inspiration to millions of artists around the world. So, Thank You and Happy Birthday Dave Grohl! Hopefully today is awesome and we here at ALTAZ 93.3 wish you the best!

(Also, here’s a little fun song to celebrate Grohl, if you like “Best of You”, this may sound familiar): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vRlJrkxsqo

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!