Super Blue Blood Moon Coming January 31!

I know what you’re thinking, that WOULD be a great band name.

Many Moon enthusiasts were excited earlier this year when the new year began with a Super Moon (that being when the orbit of the moon causes the moon to be closer to the earth AND the moon also happens to be full. This event usually happens about once a year). Compared to what’s happening on the 31st, that baby stuff. The end of January will be met with an astonishing circumstance that hasn’t happened in decades AT LEAST. So, not only will the 31st be ANOTHER Super Moon, but it will also be a Blue Moon, the title given to the 2nd Full Moon within the same month. On top of THAT, this upcoming Full Moon will also be the mark of the next Lunar Eclipse (remember the hype of last year’s Solar Eclipse? Yeah, get THAT hyped) where during a certain time of day (which in Arizona’s case seems to be between 5:51 and 7:07AM, so you might see it on your way to work!) where the Moon will appear almost orange/brown in color.

So, we got a Bigger, Darker, and Rarer Moon coming our way. I say get hyped because I don’t think anything like this is going to happen anytime soon!

Be sure to take those pictures and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!