Amazon is Going to Increase Month-To-Month Prime Price

Amazon is done flirting, now they want commitment.

For those who are paying for the benefits of Amazon Prime on a month-to-month basis, Amazon has some news for you, if you plan to keep enjoying your monthly benefits, you’re gonna have to drop more dough. Early Friday morning Amazon made the official statement that they are going to be raising the price of Amazon Prime (if you pay for it each individual month instead of the whole year) to a total of $12.99 instead of the old $10.99.

Of course, the plan for this 18% price increase is to make the annual fee of $99 (or $49 if you’re a student) more enticing and therefore get more money from it’s customers. Understandably, some are upset, but this can only be expected if you are as seeming unbeatable as Amazon. It turns out that you’re able to do almost anything when almost no one in the shipping industry can touch you.

Does this price increase bother you? be sure to express it to Amazon in the most direct way possible, with your wallet. If Amazon sees a drop in Prime Users overall after this price increase goes into effect February 15th, they would most likely lower the price once more.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!