iOS 11.3 Public Beta LIVE!

In case you wanted to get your hands on some new Animojis.

On Friday Members of Apple’s Beta Software Program were given access to the newest version of iOS 11. New features in this update include the previously mentioned Animojis (like a Lion and a Skeleton), an improved Health App, as well as message Backup and Syncing. Many users have come out and have said that while obviously not optimized and a few bugs are more annoying than others, this patch to iOS 11 delivers on what is promised and nothing more. While this kind of news may sound boring it does actually serve a bigger purpose.

When the news of Apple slowing down their older phones came out, many people initially were aggravated at Apple and it was the first time in a long while that it seemed like the majority of people were against Apple. Now that the anger has slowly died down, Apple is now delivering on what they promise with as few hiccups as possible. Just stay the course and they will gain public favor once again.

Just a small tech update for everyone and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!