SpaceX Rocket Hoped to be Launched on February 6th

With every passing day, we get closer and closer to Mars.

For those not in the loop, Tesla Main Man Elon Musk has had a plan to launch one of his rockets (this one named the Falcon Heavy) to Mars and the day of liftoff could be closer than some think. On January 26th a Tweet from Assistant Managing Editor Chris Gebhardt had announced that the Heavy Falcon could be shot off into space as early as February 6th, but he also expressed that even before we can all excited over the Heavy Falcon there is still a previous launch with the Falcon 9 Rocket that needs to happen beforehand.

On January 27th Elon Musk commented on the proposed Launch Date saying that he is “Planning” for the Falcon Heavy to go off on the 6th, but we of course we’ll have to wait until then to see if that plan becomes reality.

Once the Falcon Heavy actually goes up, Musk announced that there will be a payload on board that will contain Musk’s own car, which is set to play “Space Oddity” once it reaches the depths of space.

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