McDonald’s Refuses to put Mayo Packets out for Customers

When you’re the face of American Food, you might not want to anger those same Americans.

Uproar began brewing yesterday online as people were beginning to discover that Fast Food Giant McDonald’s does not and in fact have NEVER had Packets of Mayo available for customer use, and the products their as a whole hardly ever have the coveted sauce. When asked by reports (on what is obviously slow news day), McDonalds Dropped the hammer and announced that they have no plans to give out Mayo packets to its customers any time soon.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see a company be so staunch and dry with their decisions, but here McDonald’s claim(unlike their food)  is quite refreshing. Of course, I also wouldn’t be completely shocked if in a few years McDonald’s changes on this claim and begins to have Mayo Packets, but hey that’s just business.

Are you someone who eats their Fast Food with extra Mayo? Perhaps more for the sandwich, or maybe to use for your Fries? Be sure to tell us below in the comments of this post or let us know on our social media, but Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!