Team USA Enjoying State of the Art Jackets!

Even some of the best clothing tech is over in South Korea right now.

Keen viewers of the 2018 Winter Olympics may have noticed that all 242 members of team USA wore what looked to be exceptionally puffy jackets. Well, these weren’t the traditional layers and layers of fluff and puff, instead the athletes were enjoying the benefits of Thermo-tech. The parkas are actually each equipped with a heating sensor/device that maintains a warm and comfortable temperature for any wearer. The heating only directly hits the upper-back area of the parka and the heat spreads throughout the body by the person inside just moving. So, rather than an overbearing warm pad weigh the user down the user actually feels warm, like they are actually in a warm location.

These jackets are already sold out, but they may have more shipments for sale later on, depending on athlete feedback!

Good luck to all members of Team USA over in South Korea, and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!