Marvel’s “Black Panther”…Are the Critics Right?

If everyone expects greatness, all future successes and failures are apparent.

After releasing earlier this week, it looks like Marvel Studio’s newest production “Black Panther” is the hit that they were hoping it to be. Revenue is rolling in and as per usual, all the regular groups are present. We have the Marvel Super Fans who love whatever they make, no matter what it is, next is the casual audience, those being people who aren’t particularly excited to see another super hero movie but have grown to be entertained by and trust Marvel to release quality films, and lastly the Film Critics, those whose job it is is to tell the people what makes the film work or fail. Often these groups are predictable: Fans will love, General people will be simply amused, and Critics often chip away and often point out flaws and other details that people may not have seen before.

As of late, it seems like the stereotypical Critic’s point of view is changing, as we saw with early reviews of “Black Panther”. Many critics and publications who saw the film gave it outstanding scores often between 90-99%, something that is often unseen from movies in general, let alone from Critics. On the other side of the coin, Fans and General audiences seem only content with the film, as their scores shows a common range of 70-82%. Now seeing a disconnect between these groups is expected, but over the past year, this same disconnect seems to be flipped.

What has Critics amazed and General audiences only entertained? Are Critics too easy to please? Is a personal bias inflating the score? Do they want to seem agreeable to people so they are more well liked? And General audiences, Are they expecting too much nowadays? Are they tired of hearing Critic points of view and want to stand against these quality judges? Maybe its a combination of all these things at once, I’m not sure. Regardless “Black Panther” looks to be a success and another film from Marvel that people coming in in droves to see it.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!