Ataribox is Now AtariVCS

The Ataribox that was shrouded in mystery all those months is now becoming clearer, and Atari hopes we like what we see.

Whether this is the first time you are hearing about this now or have been understandably confused about the whole situation for months now, it loos as though Atari is finally willing to show us more of their newest product (no matter how little it will be). Earlier this week the “Ataribox” was given a formal name, that being AtariVCS. Now for those who have fond memories of the Atari 2600 initially made over 40 years ago will probably realize that VCS stands for Video Computer System, the same name that was on all Atari 2600 systems back in the day. Of course, this move simply shows how hard they are pushing that nostalgic market, but as for actual features of the console, Atari has chosen to still keep some of the finer details a secret, but what we do now is two main points: 1. It will indeed play Atari games (now this could be the actual original cartridges or they could just come digitally pre-installed on the system) and 2. the AtariVCS will have newer tech properties like Radeon graphics, a Custom AMD processor, and a Linux-based OS. What that essentially means that the AtariVCS will have the ability to play some newer games, but these most likely will be like the games on your phone, simple and small little games that ultimately nothing special compared to what most video game developers are making on current video game systems. Regarding a release date, all we know is that pre-orders for the AtariVCS begin in April, but no formal Release date for the machine has been announced.

While the AtariVCS looks interesting in some aspects, it may need to do more in order to move out of the “Novelty” category, but hey, only time will tell!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!