SpaceX’s “B.F.R” Planned to Be Launched From Artifical Island Off California

Elon Musk never seems to be done, does he?

It was announced yesterday that SpaceX plans to build and launch it’s Mars-Bound “B.F.R” or “Big Falcon Rocket” off of Terminal Island in California. Getting the thumbs-up for this location was quite difficult, but Terminal Island is a piece of land Musk has had his multi-million dollar eye on for quite some time. Terminal Island is largely manmade and was initially established as a private ship port back in the late 1890’s. Since then this artificial land has been through a multitude of changes from being shifted into a Naval Reserve Base, then a assembly location for the Ford Motor Company in the 1930’s. As the Second World War was raging on, Japanese American who called the island home became one of the first groups to be relocated to an interment camp.

After building a memorial for the people effected by the Internment Camps, Terminal Island has sit relatively untouched (but still functional) for a little over a decade. Musk hopes to honor those who have worked and lived on this island by giving said island an important new task, which if successful, will make it one of the most revolutionary locations in the world. Of course, while SpaceX is allowed to begin, the public will not see any final product from the island for another two or three years.

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