The World’s Oldest Trapdoor Spider Passes Away at 43

Enjoy the thought of Spiders older than you roaming this earth.

As of late last night, a Trapdoor Sider who held the record for being the oldest (born in 1975) named “#16” has passed away. This Australian beauty  left this world peacefully within the wild, while being studied by scientists nearby. Many who knew of her have been quoted as saying that they feel miserable to see her go, but they also understand that no one is around forever.

#16 will have a legacy tied to her though, as those scientist that were studying her to learn more about the behavior and population dynamics of Trapdoor Spiders and the data she left with them will expand our understanding of spiders as a whole. Considering most of her kind only make it to 20, I must say she seemed quite resilient.

Image is Property of Curtin University

Image is Property of Curtin University


If anyone here has a pet spider, I ask that you break this news carefully and respectfully, maybe spiders everywhere today will pour a web out for her.