Harrison Ford Suprises “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Star During Interview

Another day, another piece of Solo News. As we are less than two weeks away from the premiere, hype levels are increasing and the masses are becoming more and more restless (whether they’ll actually end up loving the final product or denouncing it is yet to be seen). Earlier this week, Alden Ehrenreich “Young Solo” sat down to what is sure to be one of numerous interviews in the coming weeks. All seemed ordinary until Ehrenreich was asked if Harrison Ford had given him any advice into how to preform as Han Solo. Just as he was about to answer, Harrison ford himself alongside the director of the film Ron Howard entered the room and surprised everyone in the room. Ehrenreich had answered the previous question by stating that Ford had said “If anyone asks, tell them I told you everything you need to know and you’re not allowed to say a word”.

Sadly, this is all we have seen from this interview as the whole interview is set to be shown on Entertainment Tonight on Monday May 14th.

Harrison’s blessing is reassuring for the film and only strengthens the passion for Solo as we approach the fated day.

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