“Hello Kitty” Bullet Train Soon to be A Reality in Japan

Hold on to your whiskers, because we’re going 150mph…At LEAST.

As summer begins, people from all over the world will have another reason to be jealous of Japan’s Bullet Train System. Not only are these trains incredibly fast and reliable, but at least one (starting June 30th) will be pink as all get out. now, the concept of having themed trains isn’t new for the area, as back in 2015, a similar train was adorned with the popular anime IP “Neon Genesis Evangelion” with all the fixings, so this won’t be much different. Picture below is a current concept of the train’s exterior and pictured in the thumbnail of this article is a concept of the inside.

This Image is Property of West Japan Railway Company

This Image is Property of West Japan Railway Company

While on the train, you can bet there will be merchandise for sale as well as all sorts of opportunities for pictures. If anyone of you guys find yourselves in Western Japan in the next few months go ahead and tag us on social media, that would honestly make our day.

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