Samsung Pays Off Apple and Apple Pays Off…YOU?

After a SEVEN year lawful dispute between Samsung and Apple (Where Apple was suing Samsung for infringing on some the patents Apple was using for their more recent phones) the jury has sided with Apple and now Samsung has to pay about 539 MILLION dollars to Apple. Samsung’s lawyers have decided to challenge the verdict, and whether they Samsung ends up paying the agreed 539 million dollars is yet to be seen. If this challenge goes south for Samsung though, they could end up paying more to their competitor, they may be even asked to pay Apple the amount Apple wanted…that being 1 BILLION dollars.

Now Apple’s lawyers aren’t going to be getting a break soon either, as they now have to focus on handling and sorting out the damages for the bending issues their phones had back in 2014 as well as finally paying out customers for the slowing down scandal they faced last year making their older phones purposely running slower to incentivizing new phones sales. If you were affected in the slow down problem and you actually went in to an Apple store or sent it in and got your battery replaced in order to resolve the issue Apple plans to pay you 50 bucks as an apology. Hooray.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!