Facebook to Permanitly Delete “Trending Topics” Section Next Week

As the first of many shifts Facebook plans to roll out in order to make their service more personal, the social media giant announced that early next week they are going to delete their trending topics section. This function, which was a key element of every user’s homepage was initially rolled out a few years ago so people could know about and chime in on that day’s biggest stories.

The inclusion of this section has been controversial since day 1, as this service occasionally became a platform for false information to be spread like a wildfire next to a fireworks factory. And this issue was only compounded when in late 2016 Facebook decided to have the topics that would be a part of trending topics be decided solely by an algorithm, and no longer by employees. Now, to replace trending topics, Facebook is rolling out two new features, named “Breaking News” and “Today In”. Breaking News is self explanatory, while Today In will focus on broader topics with a more casual outlook on news updates. It is yet to be seen how effective these new features but over time, the numbers are sure to come in.

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