A Fully-Functional Pinball machine Made ENTIRELY out of Lego?

Yes, this does in fact exist. After months planning and building by one Bre Bruns, this two foot tall, fully-functional pinball machine has come to life.

The contraption itself is comprised of Lego, and absolutely nothing else. The final count comes out to around 15,000 total pieces being used. The piece named “Benny’s Spaceship Adventure” (Named after the spaceship loving character from the outstanding Lego Movie) not only uses the colorful bricks to build the machines infrastructure, but it also utilizes special Lego-made programmable bricks to create more complex pieces like a score counter and audio boxes that play voice lines from Benny himself.

A complete showcase of this amazingly creative pinball machine can be found on Burns’ YouTube channel, which will be linked to down below. Now I have to wonder what else can be made with Lego? Maybe one day the intro sequence to The Lego Movie will be more relatable as we begin to develop Actual Lego Cars and Legitimate Lego Construction Equipment, only time will tell.

Original Video: https://youtu.be/WMbaBRnKnig

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!