Rick and Morty Wish Kanye West A Happy Birthday!

What a nice Birthday gift, don’t you think?

As part of the numerous celebrations held for Kanye West’s 41st Birthday, Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland decided to hop in on the fun. Kanye’s Wife, Kim Kardashian sent him an audio Birthday Card over twitter which had the titular pair (although Rick admittedly belted out a few more lines than his grandson) wish Kanye the best day ever with a slow, sultry, and almost naughty tune. Towards the end of the song, Rick comments how he wants more of Kanye’s hair so he can clone him to do with as he pleases. Maybe this could be the beginnings of a possible guest star role from Kanye in the show itself, he is obviously a fan of the show, and Kanye himself has had experience with voice appearances as he actually appeared in multiple episodes of FOX’s The Cleveland Show a few years back.

Regardless, this small drizzle of content will have to do for Rick and Morty fans until we hear more information about when the show will return once more.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!