NASA Promises “Sonic Thump” During Future Tests

For a when a full Sonic Boom is a bit too much.

Earlier today, NASA announced that they are teaming up with aircraft producer Lockheed Martin to begin testing out a new flying process that will hopefully allow aircraft to break the Sound Barrier (~761MPH) without a majority of the noise that often comes with tearing apart the Sound Barrier. Now, this is not the first time this has been attempted exactly. Back in the mid 1970’s similar tests where held to see if people who lived in suburban areas would become accustomed to daily Sonic Booms. This was done because if commercial aircraft could reliably hit Mach 1 then commercial flights would become much faster and more convenient for everyone. Sadly, those tests did not pan out well, as residents began to quickly complain after those ill-fated tests had begun.

The goal of producing a quitter Sonic Boom, or a “Sonic Thump” as NASA calls it would allow aircraft to obtain that same goal from over 40 years ago. The plan now is to let starting tests begin this November over the Gulf of Mexico with legitimate, all-or-nothing tests occurring around 2022.

Image is Property of NASA

Image is Property of NASA

Hey I’m down with the idea of faster flights, so this sound pretty solid to me, but we will see over time if this actually comes into reality.

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