A New Aquaman Trailer Arises from the Depths at San Diego Comic Con

Never thought that would find a  way to make what is ultimately a fish man look so cool.

Among a collection of multiple awesome announcements from SDCC, DC looks to currently be building up the most hype as They have just released a new Trailer for Aquaman, which is set to release on December 21st! Now, nothing too crazy or unsuspected comes from this new trailer (Origin Story, Evil Family Member, etc.) But something just seems… different with this one. Maybe this new DC Movie Director James Wan will bring some new life not seen in other DC Productions, or perhaps DC has found some confidence and they are genuinely having fun with this one. Be sure to check out the link below to see it for yourself!

Aquaman Trailer!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDkg3h8PCVU

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!