The Room is on YouTube Right Now…For FREE

I did not leak it…I did not.

Yes, that wonderfully horrible picture from 2003 (ok, now I feel old) has finally been re-released digitally. Yesterday, living legend Tommy Wiseau uploaded the entirety of the film directly to his personal YouTube Channel, and unlike where you have to pay anywhere between 3-8 dollars to rent a film on the platform, this is simply an upload directly to his account. Now, I am interested to see if YouTube tries to pull the video down as I’m not quite sure if Wiseau has all the rights of the film. Great, now I’m thinking of Tommy taking them to court, gonna be hard to get that one out of my head.

Regardless, if you have either seen it already or never had the ability to witness true cinematic art before, this is absolutely your best chance. Link Below!

The Room:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!