Developers of The Walking Dead Video Game “Telltale Games” Set to CLOSE Soon

When dealing with The Walking Dead, survival is never a guarantee.

The company behind the stellar Walking Dead video game (as well as working with other properties for games like Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Game of Thrones), will be shutting down soon. Telltale games announced yesterday that the business is no longer afloat, and after letting go a majority of their staff, will carry on the rest of the year with a “Skeleton Crew” of only 25 people to finish up their last installment, which will be the conclusion to their line of The Walking Dead games (the story was segmented and separately released in “episodes”).

The reason for the closing comes from a variety of factors as per usual, but two big factors that have recently come to light are a deal with Netflix about producing a game about Stranger Things falling through, as well as reports of Management causing workers to work all hours of the day.

Still sad to see this happen to Telltale games, as they stood out from their competitors because of their amazing storytelling capabilities, and the news that we will never hear from them again after their next game is saddening. Of course, this just goes to show that even if everything seems fine and dandy, you should still take time to appreciate where you are, as you never know how things can change in an instant.

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