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The music from Bob’s Burgers is here!


We finally have the chance to sing along to all our favorite quirky little numbers from Bob’s Burgers! The music album of this show has a total of 112 tracks! Literally every song that has been on this wonderful family cartoon is now available to the fans. Some of these tracks are the Belchers singing about the trials they face ... Read More »

What is this Avril Lavigne conspiracy?!


If you have been on twitter in the past four days you might have heard a rumor that Avril passed away nearly 13 years ago. Now this is just a conspiracy theory, as well as a twitter thread but boy is it interesting! Check out the thread here to see the 50+ posts about this wild theory, then come back ... Read More »

Possible new season of ‘Friends’?


By now some of you must have seen the recent post going around Facebook of a ‘Friends’ reunion season. Unfortunately this is not “The One When They Come Back”. In case anyone has missed this fake post, here it is for all to see. The post has been shared over 126,000 times, and has over 82K comments. It was shared ... Read More »

SPOILERS: What Could This New Game of Thrones Photo Mean?!

Game of Thrones

Last we saw Jamie Lannister he was disappointed in his sister/lover Cercei’s very destructive rise to power, yet here we see him dutifully standing by her side. At this point all three of their children together have died, thus the lineage King Robert Baratheon has all passed away (I know very confusing, lets hope you’re completely caught up). This leaves ... Read More »

Alt Rock Woman’s History – Florence Welch


March is Woman’s History month, so why not focus on an amazing woman in the Alt world? Florence Welch is most notably the lead in her band Florence and the Machine, as well as a feminist. She grew up knowing that woman had an important place in history. In an interview with Macleans she said “When you have a history ... Read More »

Lorde Totally Killed it on SNL


There has been so much hype over Lorde’s new music, and it’s all worth it! She seems to have evolved so much in her time off, and this performance shows that her talent is completely in her vocals. Lets hope we have more outstanding performances from this new album to come! Lorde’s new album Melodrama will be released June 16, ... Read More »

Finally Lorde Releases New Music

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 2.59.35 PM

The last time Lorde released new music was in 2013, not counting her feature in Disclosure’s Magnets in 2015. Needless to say, it was about time her fans got a taste of her long anticipated sophomore album. Green Light is exactly the comeback she needed to get back in the game after her hiatus, it’s powerful and heartbreaking. Lorde’s new ... Read More »