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Super Mario Odyssey is Out, And it’s AWESOME

Game and Characters Property of Nintendo

After waiting for almost a year (which felt more like an eternity) Super Mario Odyssey released yesterday and people are going bonkers for it. The gameplay is a return to the explorative style that made an industry-wide splash back in Super Mario 64 over 20 years ago, and creeped back up in Super Mario Sunshine in 2002. If hearing this makes you ... Read More »

Super Mario Odyssey Releases Soon, And People Are Excited

Image and Video is Property of Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey releases this Friday and the excitement behind the release is almost tangible for most people. Odyssey is set to be the Flagship title for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season, alongside a plethora of other of titles that have been released earlier this year on the switch. The game was first shown off earlier this year when ... Read More »

Lost Lake Festival Tips!

Lost Lake

Just a quick little reminder on some of the things you should do if your heading to (or already enjoying) Lost Lake Festival. First, between all the awesome bands, be sure to try out all the food you can! Understandably money can be an issue here, but do what’s possible for your festival budget and I’m sure you’ll find delicious ... Read More »

Dirty Head’s “Vacation” Excels in Simplicity and Good Vibes

Image Property of Five Seven Music

With Dirty Heads releasing their new LP “Swim Team”, it’s easy to say we’ve been bingeing this past week, and I wanted to spotlight both the instrumental and lyrics behind “Vacation” which will probably come out as the stand-out hit from the LP. The song opens with simple piano backing alongside lyrics that grab your attention immediately. This first line ... Read More »

Futuristic Cooler Can Help You Crack Open a Cold One

Image is property of Cooler Cannon

Ever been out or at home, just chilling with a few friends and having some drinks only to find that you’re can is empty? Well, if this previous Kickstarter project pans out, replacing said drink shouldn’t be a problem. It’s called the Cooler Cannon, all you have to is fill it with ice, “load” in your favorite drinks into the belt ... Read More »

“One Night Only” And The Case for Unique Voices

Image Property of Interscope Records

Recently The Struts released a new song called “One Night Only” and on top of being an admittedly well-composed song, it also capitalizes on front man Luke Spiller’s unique voice. It’s Spiller’s delivery of the lyrics that add a desperation and a passionate desire to the message of the tune, which is limited time to capitalize on love. It seems ... Read More »

Szechuan Sauce Drama Erupts as Fans Demand More

Property of McDonald's

McDonald’s tried their hardest, but it seems that the desire for Szechuan Sauce has too much command over Rick and Morty fans. For those not in the loop, after months of pestering from Rick and Morty fans (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) McDonald’s decided they would bring back the sauce in a limited amount in select locations ... Read More »

Capital Cities, What Happened?

Image property of Capital Cities and Lazy Hooks

Remember these guys? I wonder where they went. Believe it or not, their huge hit, “safe and Sound” released over 6 years ago…and now I feel old. Regardless, with such a huge hit under their belts, what happened? Why haven’t we seen more of them in the charts since then? Well, let’s just what’s happened since their big hit and ... Read More »

Halloween Time Has Begun!

Laying Skele

October has finally rolled around so it’s time to bust out the costumes and get ready to get spooked. Maybe you’ll spend time this month to watch some of your favorite scary movie, or maybe see what freighting tales grace the theaters today. (My recommendation for one flick to watch would be Monster Squad, it’s older but perfect in all ... Read More »

New Details Surface about Atari’s New Console, The AtariBox

Image Property of Atari

10/10 for Name Creativity, Well, at least you know what you’re buying. Earlier this year buzz began to swirl around Atari of all companies as they had released what could only be called a teaser for their new machine. At the time, no one knew quite what to think of it, mostly because Atari was hesitant to come out and directly ... Read More »