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Happy 49th Birthday Dave Grohl!


Legendary Musician Dave Grohl celebrates his 49th birthday today, and it would only be appropriate to not only celebrate but to also look back on some of the numerous accomplishments Grohl has had. His first big break was when he was about seventeen, where he actually lied about his age to join the band Scream who were looking for a ... Read More »

Futuristic Litter Boxes are Here!

Image and device is property of Little Robot

Every cat owner absolutely HATES dealing with their little friend’s litter box, but for years it just seemed that working with these crap cubes just came along with being a cat owner. Now, it looks like one company has taken it upon themselves to attack this tedious chore and save the precious time of cat owners everywhere. A tech company ... Read More »

Where is The FIRST Alternative Hit of 2018?

Neon Question

Usually the ALT charts don’t follow alongside other genres, but in cases like this, one has to wonder. 2018 has been eventful so far to say the least, as anyone who was hoping that the speed and craziness that started in 2016 and continued (although less persistent) in 2017 would die down is slowly being proved wrong. While going into ... Read More »

Dippin’ Dots Establishes NEW Cryogenics Company

Image Property of Dippin' Dots

The flavor in mind this time seems to be money. The company associated with flavorful and sweet flash-freezed dots announced yesterday that they are now expanding their company to be used as a regular cryogenic distributor alongside a confectionary creator. What this boils down to is that Dippin’ Dots now has a secondary business that will operate by lending its technology ... Read More »

Most Popular 2018 Resolutions!

new years resolutions

As this first day of the New Year ends I feel that it would be appropriate to find out what people’s goals are for the next 365 days. It may seem for many, that their resolutions for the new Year are often personalized and private, but with the power of Google anything is possible! Digital Marketing Company iQuanti has released ... Read More »

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Clock Dial for 2018

2017 is ending and it only seems right to celebrate! Whether this year has been absolutely been amazing for you, or simply just the pits, we can all get together and celebrate and party as we all watch the ball drop over in New York. Maybe for you parties aren’t in your future today, that’s alright! You can tune in ... Read More »

2017’s ONLY Supermoon to Help Ring In 2018


The New Year is such a big deal that even the moon is coming closer to join us in the party. As we will all be hanging out with friends and loved ones this Sunday night ringing in the new year, it looks like we will all have an extra guest. By awesome coincidence a Supermoon is set to be visible ... Read More »

Apple Lessens Battery Replacement Prices Amidst Controversy

Product Property of Apple

Turns out telling customers you’re making a decision for them does not pan out well. After word had gotten out that apple had released a software update where older phones were intentionally slowed, people were obviously angered. Apple stated that this was done in order to appropriately handle the batteries getting older so that the phone wouldn’t display the wrong ... Read More »

What Songs Will Survive into 2018?


It’s always difficult to find music with a timeless charm. As 2017 wraps up, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about all things ALT next year. Yes there are going to be awesome new EP’s and full-on albums being released throughout the months, but my attention is admittedly elsewhere. I for one always enjoy wondering what songs made this ... Read More »