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Mummies Found with 5000 Year-Old Tattoos

Image is Property of The British Museum

The history of body art has just been changed forever. Recently discovered were 2 ancient mummies who are in amazing condition, and while the story of Mummies isn’t anything new, it’s the art they found on the bodies that has people talking. First question is, How is this all possible? How could the bodies be so well preserved after all ... Read More »

Samsung to Announce New Phone TODAY

Image is Property of Samsung

Today at 9AM Pacific Time, Samsung will be holding a conference where they will be announcing their newest phone, which has a 99% chance of being the Galaxy S9. Today’s announcement will be Samsung’s response to the iPhone X, who from those who actually have it, has gotten pretty good reviews. Interestingly enough,  the announcement video for the Galaxy S9 may have been leaked, and ... Read More »

“Labyrinth” Is Coming Back to Select Theatres for A Limited Time!

Jim Henson's Labyrinth

Yup, that “Labyrinth”, created by the late Jim Henson staring the late David Bowie. The cult classic fantasy film will be returning to select theatres and your chance to buy tickets is coming up soon. Starting February 25th Tickets will become available to the public for one of the 3 days of shows, April 29th and May 1-2. This run of ... Read More »

Amazing Harry Potter Toy Wands Shown off in 2018 Toy Fair

Image is Property of Sarah Tew/CNET

As technology gets better and better with each passing year, it’s amazing what people can do for both human advancement, and just having fun in general. This I think is a mixture of both. For anyone whose a Harry Potter fan, the announcement and opening of Hogwarts in Universal Studios seemed like the pinnacle of wizard dreams come true, but ... Read More »

Marvel’s “Black Panther”…Are the Critics Right?

Image is Property of Marvel Studios and Disney

If everyone expects greatness, all future successes and failures are apparent. After releasing earlier this week, it looks like Marvel Studio’s newest production “Black Panther” is the hit that they were hoping it to be. Revenue is rolling in and as per usual, all the regular groups are present. We have the Marvel Super Fans who love whatever they make, ... Read More »

2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Suffer a Slight Drop in Ratings

Image is Property of the Olympic Commitee

How could this be? Well, it seems to be a multitude of reasons that caused the Opening Ceremony’s ratings to underperform. Starting off the drop in ratings was around 12% when compared to the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, which is just enough to be concerned. Friday night’s proceedings still actually garnered around 27.8 million people to watch, which ... Read More »

Team USA Enjoying State of the Art Jackets!

Property of Matthias Hangst Getty Images

Even some of the best clothing tech is over in South Korea right now. Keen viewers of the 2018 Winter Olympics may have noticed that all 242 members of team USA wore what looked to be exceptionally puffy jackets. Well, these weren’t the traditional layers and layers of fluff and puff, instead the athletes were enjoying the benefits of Thermo-tech. The ... Read More »

Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers are Facing Naming Issues

Logo is property of The Boring Company and Elon Musk

Elon Musk can be quite crazy every once in a while. For those not in the loop,. Tesla CEO and general rich guy Elon Musk recently began to sell Flamethrowers through his newest company “The Boring Company” (the name was literally chosen on a whim). In a matter of just days, Musk had actually sold out of his 500 dollar ... Read More »

McDonald’s Refuses to put Mayo Packets out for Customers


When you’re the face of American Food, you might not want to anger those same Americans. Uproar began brewing yesterday online as people were beginning to discover that Fast Food Giant McDonald’s does not and in fact have NEVER had Packets of Mayo available for customer use, and the products their as a whole hardly ever have the coveted sauce. ... Read More »

SpaceX Rocket Hoped to be Launched on February 6th

Rocket is Property of Elon Musk

With every passing day, we get closer and closer to Mars. For those not in the loop, Tesla Main Man Elon Musk has had a plan to launch one of his rockets (this one named the Falcon Heavy) to Mars and the day of liftoff could be closer than some think. On January 26th a Tweet from Assistant Managing Editor ... Read More »