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Spider-Man Co-Creator Steve Ditko Passes Away at Age 90

Image is Property of Steve Ditko

While never one to take up the spotlight, Steve Ditko was instrumental in bringing everyone’s favorite web-slinger and many other heroes to life. In the process and renaissance that was the early days of super hero comics, Ditko was one of the biggest names when it came illustrations and panel layout. Without a doubt, his most recognizable work was with ... Read More »

Happy 4th of July from ALTAZ 933!


Happy Independence Day! Whether you are someone who has the day off from work, find yourself doing the same job as usual, or maybe you’re driving out for a quick Daycation, just know that for all of us this 4th of July is the same…Free. 242 years ago, we began the first steps to become a free and independent country, ... Read More »

Sony Preventing Fallout 76 from having Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Image is Property of Bethesda Studios

If you don’t learn your lesson the first time…I guess stick to your guns? Fallout 76 looks to be the massively successful Fallout Series’  first foray into multiplayer, and while players literally around the world are excited to see what this new adventure will have to offer and to play online with their friends, it looks like Sony is once ... Read More »

NASA Promises “Sonic Thump” During Future Tests

This Image is Property of NASA

For a when a full Sonic Boom is a bit too much. Earlier today, NASA announced that they are teaming up with aircraft producer Lockheed Martin to begin testing out a new flying process that will hopefully allow aircraft to break the Sound Barrier (~761MPH) without a majority of the noise that often comes with tearing apart the Sound Barrier. ... Read More »

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is SUING his Wife and Children

Better Buzz

Over 40 years after his historic moon-landing alongside Neil Armstrong, it looks like Buzz Aldrin is once again making news today as it was announced Friday that he is Suing his family for misrepresentation and mishandling funds from his organization. Now, this whole process has begun so each side hasn’t been able to make public their defenses, but both Andy ... Read More »

Incredibles 2 Breaking Box Office Records This Opening Weekend

Image is Property of Disney and Pixar

Making people wait 10+ years for a sequel looks to be a good way to get the audiences rushing to the seats. As the next chapter in what I’m going to call the “Summer of Disney Films” we have Disney and Pixar’s newest sequel baby Incredibles II doing AMAZINGLY in the box office this opening weekend. As of tonight, Incredibles ... Read More »

Ryan Reynolds LOVES this Faked Deadpool in Avengers “Leak”

Image is Faked, but Marvel is Property of Disney

With technology we can indulge in possibilities that no one would ever consider. When it comes to movies, Marvel fans are one of the most ravenous and excitable fanbases there is. Absolutely anything, from half of a logo to a complete cast list can generate enough hype to power New York City. This same level of excitement is only compounded ... Read More »

Rick and Morty Wish Kanye West A Happy Birthday!

Characters and Image Belong to Adult Swim

What a nice Birthday gift, don’t you think? As part of the numerous celebrations held for Kanye West’s 41st Birthday, Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland decided to hop in on the fun. Kanye’s Wife, Kim Kardashian sent him an audio Birthday Card over twitter which had the titular pair (although Rick admittedly belted out a few more lines than ... Read More »

A Fully-Functional Pinball machine Made ENTIRELY out of Lego?

This Image is Property of Lego and Warner Bros. Entertainment

Yes, this does in fact exist. After months planning and building by one Bre Bruns, this two foot tall, fully-functional pinball machine has come to life. The contraption itself is comprised of Lego, and absolutely nothing else. The final count comes out to around 15,000 total pieces being used. The piece named “Benny’s Spaceship Adventure” (Named after the spaceship loving ... Read More »