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Apple Lessens Battery Replacement Prices Amidst Controversy

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Turns out telling customers you’re making a decision for them does not pan out well. After word had gotten out that apple had released a software update where older phones were intentionally slowed, people were obviously angered. Apple stated that this was done in order to appropriately handle the batteries getting older so that the phone wouldn’t display the wrong ... Read More »

What Songs Will Survive into 2018?


It’s always difficult to find music with a timeless charm. As 2017 wraps up, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about all things ALT next year. Yes there are going to be awesome new EP’s and full-on albums being released throughout the months, but my attention is admittedly elsewhere. I for one always enjoy wondering what songs made this ... Read More »

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launch Scares Southern California Residents


Well, I can’t blame them. Yesterday, Elon Musk the leader behind SpaceX (A company dedicated to space travel and testing) quite literally launched the next step in their corporate plans last night as it launched their Falcon 9 Rocket which was carrying satellites to be put into space. Like any other spacecraft, the Falcon 9 had to release its exhaust ... Read More »

Yes, Apple IS Slowing Down Older Phones

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Let’s hear what they have to say. Some iPhone users have had quite the interesting past few days…as recently Apple confirmed people’s fears as they admitted that they were in fact slowing down their older products. When I say older, you may think people who maybe still have iPhone 5’s or even 4’s, but the most shocking part of this is ... Read More »

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Receiving Modest to Low Audience Scores

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Well, didn’t think we would be here anytime soon. On the 15th Disney released the newest installment of the legendary Star Wars Movie Franchise, and people have been so excited that it seemed as though as long as it was released audiences would rejoice. Well, at least now two days after the film has released audiences have been expressing…disinterest and ... Read More »

Security Robot Fired for Bothering Homeless

Product Property of Knightscope

Seems like robots haven’t mastered the art of “Reading the Room” quite yet. Over in San Francisco, the local branch the SPCA (A national group dedicated to protecting animals) decided to invest in a 398-pound security robot to help deter crime around the facility like car break-ins and the like. Initially, it did do its job and crime did lessen ... Read More »

YouTube Hints at NEW Music Streaming Service

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YouTube is expanding…again…maybe this one will stick. Earlier this week, YouTube (actually Google/Alphabet) announced that a new music streaming service will be reaching the website some time next year. The plan for the service, which is currently titled “Remix” (This name could easily change though), is to have music to stream and incorporate regular videos to some extant.  At this ... Read More »

Nostalgic for…Cameras?

Gudak Cam

Do you find yourself missing the days of having to go to the store to have your pictures developed? Well, I’ve got some good news for you! An app called “Gudak Cam” attempts to recapture those feelings and it has been shockingly successful. What happens is users will pay for this 1 dollar app and then take pictures like they ... Read More »