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Actor Verne Troyer “Mini Me” Passes Away at Age 49


A comedy Acting Icon has passed. The actor behind “Mini Me” in the “Austin Powers” Trilogy Verne Troyer passed away yesterday afternoon, this comes after he was hospitalized earlier this month. Troyer had a history with dealing with alcohol and depression, with it recently coming to light that last year Troyer went into a Rehab Center. The passing was first ... Read More »

Toys for Solo: A Star Wars Story Have Fans Excited!

Image Property of Disney

Yesterday, many new toys tied to Solo: A Star Wars Story were released to the public and so far many have loved what they have seen so far. As per usual with Disney-owned properties, the likeness of the main characters of the upcoming Han Solo centric film look to have their likeness plastered on everything, and down below you’ll find ... Read More »

Elon Musk Masks Now Available to Public

Image is Property of Space X and Elon Musk

That’s RIGHT! Get your very own billionaire face mask TODAY, and the best part is that (Unlike Musk himself) its free of charge. Earlier this week, what I can only imagine to be two bored Space X workers found the time and resources in order to design and create masks of their boss, for everyone to enjoy. All the masks ... Read More »

Strange “Avengers: Infinity War” Products

Image is Property of Marvel, and Spencer's

Understandably, people are becoming crazier and crazier for Infinity War as it draws closer and closer. It’s to a point now that excited fans are doing and making anything in order to pass the time, and this includes buying everything that has an Avengers Logo on it. Strangely enough, companies you wouldn’t expect to see anywhere near superheroes  has entered ... Read More »

David Bowie Exhibition Live at the Brooklyn Museum

Image is Property of Masayoshi Sukita/ The David Bowie Archive

To pay tribute to an artistic legend, the Brooklyn Museum is currently holding an exhibit titled “David Bowie Is” there fans of Bowie get a look into both iconic and obscure pieces that were either donated by Bowie years ago or recently discovered after his passing in 2016. This stop in Brooklyn is actually the last stop in the “David ... Read More »

Ataribox is Now AtariVCS

Image is Property of Atari

The Ataribox that was shrouded in mystery all those months is now becoming clearer, and Atari hopes we like what we see. Whether this is the first time you are hearing about this now or have been understandably confused about the whole situation for months now, it loos as though Atari is finally willing to show us more of their ... Read More »

Newly Launched Navy Submarine Maneuvered With an Xbox Controller

GROTON, Conn. (Mar. 15, 2018) Pre-Commissioning Unit Colorado (SSN 788) sits pierside prior to commissioning March 17, 2018. Colorado is the the U.S. Navy's 15th Virginia-class attack submarine and the second ship named for the State of Colorado. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeffrey M. Richardson/Released)

The most complex things to do with technology always have to do with simplifying it. Many of us who play games have probably dabbled with games where driving was the focus, but the USS Colorado takes this to a whole other level. Launched Saturday, the USS Colorado touts some of the best tech available for U.S Navy Submarines, but many have ... Read More »

Windows 10 Mail May Forcibly Implement Microsoft Edge

Image is Property of Microsoft

Windows 10 users (which is obvious quite a number of people) have had the convenience of having email software pre-installed in their OS for years, but if a update which is still in development goes through, users could be stuck with a browser people aren’t too keen about. The update has mostly quality of life changes, and ultimately won’t change ... Read More »