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What Genre does Queens of the Stone Age Fit Best?

Picture Property of Christopher Mark

While obviously Alt Rock, when getting down to the nitty-gritty Queens of the Stone Age become hard to completely define with a sub-genre. The earliest hint given was back during the early years of the band where front man Josh Homme explained that their first album could be considered as Driving Music, both angular in design and dry. While this may ... Read More »

Strange Question: Who Invented Chicken Nuggets?


The cornerstone of many childhood meals. Simple in design and INCREDIBLY cheap to make, these little poultry pieces have become a staple in fast food places all around the world to the point where they’re ubiquitous. But how much thought have you put into who originally developed them? I bet you hadn’t, so let’s solve this mystery. The common belief ... Read More »

Radiohead to Release Unheard Song: “I Promise”


Are you a fan of the era of Ok Computer in Radiohead’s History? Well, the good news comet has chose to fly toward your atmosphere today as it was recently announced that a new song called “I Promise” will be released later this month. This new tune was originally written and almost put into Radiohead’s awesome Ok Computer album, but was ... Read More »

Trailers…What Exactly IS Their Role?


Everything is instant nowadays. One search online and almost anything can be learned, whether it be science facts, celebrity ages, or what’s in store for your favorite movie and TV Franchises. Entertainment websites are quick to divulge every small detail ranging from surprise guest stars being found on set, to formal interviews from cast members that always promise to be ... Read More »

Weekend Rewind: The Toys that Defined Childhood


As the enjoy and embrace the lives we get to live this Memorial Day Weekend, it’s important to bring to light one of the most important elements of a child’s life…Childhood. A time where the rules seem distant and almost anything seems possible. For many, nostalgia for this time is one of the quickest ways to tug at someone’s heartstrings, ... Read More »

The History of French Toast: Surprisingly Deep


It’s early in the morning here, so why not cover Breakfast? French Toast is a sweet staple of Breakfast, what with it being simple to make, as well as an excuse to get a good sugar rush to start the day. The beginnings of French Toast date back to the Ancient Romans in the Early 5th century, sadly there is ... Read More »

The Black Keys: Lived in Ohio, Thrive in Our Minds

Photo Credit of Christopher Mark

Strange what a couple of college dropouts can do, huh? Long time neighbors Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney stated the band that would eventually become The Black Keys in the early 2000’s, creating 8-tracks and mixtapes, hoping to break out and garner an audience. This duo’s determination and patience were to be tested as it would take almost five years until they ... Read More »

The Origin of Mother’s Day: Surprisingly Deep


Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday as it has no ties to a specific culture or religion. We all celebrate it because we all at least know of a mother that deserves recognition, but what initially started this holiday? Well, it’s much deeper than one might think, but let’s get started! Celebrations of mothers date back all the way to ... Read More »

Styx: Let’s Take a Second Look

Picture Courtesy of Jim Louvau

Styx has been around for over 35 years, that’s obviously no small achievement. What has made them be able to stay relevant of course is their classic works which are timeless and consistenly entertaining. It has seemed that since the turn of the century, many people has let their fame “coast” them along, menaing that people just repected them because of their ... Read More »