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Capital Cities, What Happened?

Image property of Capital Cities and Lazy Hooks

Remember these guys? I wonder where they went. Believe it or not, their huge hit, “safe and Sound” released over 6 years ago…and now I feel old. Regardless, with such a huge hit under their belts, what happened? Why haven’t we seen more of them in the charts since then? Well, let’s just what’s happened since their big hit and ... Read More »

Halloween Time Has Begun!

Laying Skele

October has finally rolled around so it’s time to bust out the costumes and get ready to get spooked. Maybe you’ll spend time this month to watch some of your favorite scary movie, or maybe see what freighting tales grace the theaters today. (My recommendation for one flick to watch would be Monster Squad, it’s older but perfect in all ... Read More »

New Details Surface about Atari’s New Console, The AtariBox

Image Property of Atari

10/10 for Name Creativity, Well, at least you know what you’re buying. Earlier this year buzz began to swirl around Atari of all companies as they had released what could only be called a teaser for their new machine. At the time, no one knew quite what to think of it, mostly because Atari was hesitant to come out and directly ... Read More »

Japan Develops Robotic Dog That Detects Smelly Feet

Property of Japan

Japan, you never fail the rest the world when it comes to surprising us with what you create. This little 6-inch long pupper is capable of smelling the area around it with various Oder sensors, and if the robotic dog (named Hana-chan)smells a problem, it can fix it in no time! From the website where this discovery was initially found, ... Read More »

“The Orville”…Do We Want Another Seth MacFarlane Show?

Image and Show Property of FOX

Tonight marks the night for the premiere of a new FOX Comedy called “The Orville” which looks to be a spoof on Star Trek and other space adventures. The main draw bringing audiences to the TV is Comedy Giant Seth MacFarlane being the lead actor and creator of the show. trailers have made it look interesting so far, but will ... Read More »

New iPhone May Cost Up Towards $1000?!?

apple money

As per usual with this time of year, people all over are wondering what Apple’s next iPhone will be like. Will there be a new exterior design that blows away the competition? Will it somehow integrate VR? Or maybe it will cost you a thousand bucks…wait, what? Yes, some rumors have been coming out saying that Apple’s next phone will ... Read More »

Even Fried Chicken is Getting Smarter

Fried Chicken Lookin' good my man

Like, technology-wise at least. Recently over in Hangzhou, China Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is extremely popular in China) recently built a concept restaurant where customers could pay for their meal with a smile. That’s it, a simple flash of the teeth (and an input of their phone number) and the customer is charged for their meal. While this may seem ... Read More »

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

Just a quick little Happy Labor Day from all of us at 93.3 KDKB! Whether you can spend today sleeping in and hanging out with your friends, or you have to head over to work like any other Monday, hopefully today can be a relaxing day for you and revitalize you as summer sadly comes to a close. All weekend long ... Read More »