Good Guy Metallica


Blistered Earth, a Metallica tribute band, had all of their gear stolen at their hotel after a show in Portland, OR.  Thankfully the story received publicity and Metallica caught wind of it and replaced all of their gear for them. Read full story here. Read More »

Achy Breaky Heart, You Tear My Name Apart


Yup Billy Ray Cyrus is back in the spotlight, but not for the usual reason. There’s no career revival to speak of, and he hasn’t gone insane or anything, but Billy Ray is going to change. Yesterday afternoon Billy Ray Cyrus announced that he would be getting his name changed legally. Many people were surprised and understandably confused at the ... Read More »

Performing and Touring: No Matter How Old

Picture Property of Christopher Mark

Paul McCartney, an absolute legend in the music industry has been touring for decades. I mean, his career is older than half of the audience that watches him nowadays. So the question must be asked: How can he still do it? Simple, concerts have accommodated to his age, and it is these same performance that keep him young at heart. Most performances often ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup 04/28/2017


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Camfield Catchup 04/27/2017


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