Google “Nest” Products MAY be Disappearing from Amazon

Nest Termo

In business the last thing you want to do is give your competitors money. That’s an issue that Amazon is dealing with when it comes to supplying Google’s “Nest” products to it’s users (A majority of which compete directly with Amazon “Echo” products). As Amazon has grown as a bigger and bigger force in the business world, google has been ... Read More »

Mummies Found with 5000 Year-Old Tattoos

Image is Property of The British Museum

The history of body art has just been changed forever. Recently discovered were 2 ancient mummies who are in amazing condition, and while the story of Mummies isn’t anything new, it’s the art they found on the bodies that has people talking. First question is, How is this all possible? How could the bodies be so well preserved after all ... Read More »

Cutest Trekker ever Alice Wetterlund!


We had the opportunity to chat it up with comedian Alice Wetterlund about her experience on TV shows Silicon Valley and People of Earth. As well as her life as a huge Star Trek fan and her belief in aliens. Also make sure to hear her great Rick and Morty story. Catch her tonight and all weekend (March 1, 2 ... Read More »