Comedian/Actor Guy Torry In Studio!

Guy Torry

This morning, comedian/actor Guy Torry joined us in studio to talk about performing at Stand Up Live this weekend, his new reality TV show, cooking and more on The Mo Show! Check out parts 1 and 2 below! Guy Torry Interview pt. 1 Guy Torry Interview pt. 2 Read More »

What Cars 3 Has to Do to Succeed

Property of Disney and Pixar

Today Disney and Pixar release what is their 18th production, Cars 3. This now trilogy has a bit of an…interesting history when it comes to both general audiences and critics, being that the first film (which is now 11 years old) got modest reviews with no being particularly blown away. Cars 2 on the other hand garnered a much clearer ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Thursday


  More Proof Of What An Awesome Guy Dave Grohl Is…. Catch Up With Every Game Of Thrones Death In 20 Mins Could You Cope With Another Twin Peaks Season?!! There May Be One! Coldplay Are Rich Latest My Chemical Romance Are Reforming Rumor Comes From Bowling For Soup! Cubs Are Selling Leaves From Wrigley Field Ivy For $200 A ... Read More »

Comedian and Impressionist Jonathan Kite In Studio

Jonathan kite and Mo

This morning on The Mo Show, comedian/impressionist Jonathan Kite joined us! You know him as Oleg, the Ukranian Cook, in 2 Broke Girls 😀 We decided to test his impression skills this morning by drawing names out of a bowl and seeing if he could nail them! Hear how he did, below! Read More »