Dustin Gives You 21 More Reasons To Love The Number 21


Hey its Dustin and I can’t get the number 21 out of my head! Everywhere I look all I see is 21…I even have a bunch of tickets with the number 21 written out in words…its so weird! I’ll be giving those tickets out in October so make plans to join me somewhere in the valley October 20th and 27th to win and keep your ears on ALT AZ 93-3 to find out where I’ll be.

In the mean time I’ve gathered my 21 favorite ways to do more with 7up! Everything from adult beverages to 7up cinnamon rolls, carnitas, guacamole and so much more! Let me know if you make any of these and send me photos! It won’t help you win the tickets but your friends will think you’re a genius in the kitchen! @dustinaltaz #domorewith7up

Find out where you can win the SOLD OUT Tickets at Albertson’s Safeway with Dustin by clicking here!

1 – 7up Cinnamon Rolls

2 – 7up Grapefruit Cocktale

3 – 7up No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

4 – 7up Apple Pie Punch

5 – 7up Candied Bacon and Spicy Ketchup

6 – 7up By The Fire

7 – 7up Slow Cooker Garlic Pork Chops

8 – 7up Pomberry Pops

9 – 7up Sour Apple Martini

10 – 7up Brisket

11 – 7up Gin Fizz

12 – 7up Can Chicken

13 – 7up Cranberry Bread

14 – 7up Chicken Marinade

15 – 7up Guacamole

16 – 7up Bundt Cake

17 – 7up Easy Peach Ice Cream

18 – 7up Carnitas

19 – 7up Cherry Float

20 – 7up Pineapple Sheet Cake

21 – 7up Pancakes

2015-7UP_logo_cmyk Albertsons