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Man In Dubai Court Over “Hip Touch”


    I love the Phoenix desert, great weather and no humidity.  Head to the Dubai desert, it’s like one big steam room, and they WILL NOT tolerate any kind of man to man contact!!!!  Not even if you’re trying not to spill your drink!   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Tuesday


    Beck / MC Hammer Collaboration! OJ’s Workout Plan – Get A Convicted Murderer Personal Trainer! Florence & The Machine on David Bowie Documentary Nirvana Fan Club Letter from 1991 Julian Casablancas New EDM Release Most Annoying Office Phrases   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Monday


    Beck Plays London Pub Coldplay’s Tom Petty Tribute Featuring James Corden The Killers Pay Tribute To Tom Petty New White Stripes Live Album Foo Fighters Say Carpool Karaoke Is Boring! Grandma Buys 6yr Old Granddaughter Animal Picture Book Full Of Curse Words! Blade Runner Is Number One, But With Low Takings A Third Of German Men Would Have ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Friday


    Joywave Have A Guitar Which Changes Color With Player’s Body Heat More My Chemical Romance Re-Union Talk RIP AIM Pumpkin Spice Evacuation! Beck’s Cottage For Sale Noel V Liam, The Hoff Weighs In! Radiohead Are Hall Of Fame Nominees Liam Has Never Had An Offer To Reform Oasis   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Thursday


      Joywave & The Weekend Walk Into An Elevator……. CostCo Prepares For The End Of The World Harrison Ford Best Interview So Far – He Even Laughs! Jared Leto Didn’t Watch Suicide Squad Have You Seen Dave Grohl’s Christopher Walken Impression? Is This What Fall Out Boy’s New Video Looks Like? Last Night’s Exciting PHX Rising Game The ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Wednesday


    Nice Tom Petty Tribute From Imagine Dragons Gallagher Brothers Latest – Liam’s Thoughts On Noel’s New Psychedelic Album DBacks New Food Menu For Tonight’s Big Game Burger King Under Siege From 15 Ronald McDonalds Lumineers Talk Tom Petty Fall Out Boy Coffee Shop New Beck Preview Happy National Taco Day   Read More »