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Camfield Catchup Friday


  Kim & Dennis – The Latest! Dennis Tries To Woo Kim With Gifts! Amazon Buys Wholefoods Some Adults Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows! Paramore Cover Fleetwood Mac Lorde Really Was An Onion Ring Reviewer! New Coldplay EP & Video   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Thursday


  More Proof Of What An Awesome Guy Dave Grohl Is…. Catch Up With Every Game Of Thrones Death In 20 Mins Could You Cope With Another Twin Peaks Season?!! There May Be One! Coldplay Are Rich Latest My Chemical Romance Are Reforming Rumor Comes From Bowling For Soup! Cubs Are Selling Leaves From Wrigley Field Ivy For $200 A ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Wednesday


  Queens Of The Stone Age Reveal New Album Details In Lie Detector Test Is The Bromance Over?  No Hang For Kim & Dennis So Far! Jack White Cameo In Netflix Standup Special New 30 Seconds To Mars Album This Year WHAT Is Jared Leto Wearing On Stage At Muse Shows?!! Jack Antonoff & Lena Duham’s Creative Brooklyn Hun Airline ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Tuesday


  Learn How To Kill Three Men With One Pencil!  Keanu’s Training Is The Extras On John Wick 2 DVD – Out Today Jack White Re-Unites With Nas New Killers Song Drops Tomorrow S&M Club Closed Due To Torture Dungeon Having Un-Safe Fire Escape Basketball Diplomacy Season 2!  Dennis Rodman Returns To North Korea Death Cab For Cutie Cover Fell ... Read More »

Camfield Catchup Monday


  Blink 182 Use Home Footage In Video For Discover & Download Song Happy 10th Birthday To Paramore’s Riot! Guy In Reno Reckons New Queens Of The Stone Age Is “Super Sexy” & Dropping In A Week Drogba’s First Goal For PHX Rising FC Adam West Was Great At Playing Himself Killers Debut New Song Live Pooping Geese At Disneyworld ... Read More »