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Camfield Catchup Monday


    Happy National Cookie Day Linkin Park video for Crawling Dashboard Confessional tour Mark Hoppus really did convince Taco Bell to do fries! Previously unreleased acoustic Nirvana Defecating Amazon driver!   Read More »

Sausage Smuggler!


    This woman was trying to bring 223 pounds of contraband sausage across the boarder!  That’s the size of a large person!  Or enough to make 1,800 sandwiches!   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Friday


      This is how Green Day do set lists Panic At The Disco live album Blink 182 play a front room Florence And The Machine poetry book Man tries to improve work comment by painting his own road signs Happy Birthday text messaging   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Thursday


      Will The Killers play Prince Harry’s Wedding? Noel Gallagher doesn’t like The Beach Boys AZ Uber driver turned getaway driver Pornhub news! Rolling Stone’s songs of the year   Read More »

Camfield Catchup Tuesday


      Nirvana’s alternative version of Smells Like Teen Spirit Some honest Black Friday local TV new reporting Blink 182 / The 1975 mashup Green Day video has zombie Trump Radiohead 400 page career spanning songbook Suicide Squad director finally admits The Joker should have had a bigger role Kings of Leon baby   Read More »