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Game Of Thrones Producers Sorry For Latest Episode


Like most of my fellow Thronies… my heart was ripped out of my chest with the latest Game Of Thrones episode properly named “The Door”. The producers even came on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to apologize for the heartache… but a totally different heartache… WARNING! This video is dark and full of spoilers… Enjoy! -Mo! Read More »

Nothing But Thieves KILLS IT on Conan

nothing but thieves conan

I may fan girl hard over Nothing But Thieves but come on… After watching their performance on Conan last night, you’ll see why! Oh and if you saw em for our free show back in early May, then you already know 😀 Check out “Wake Up Call” below and enjoy! -Mo! Read More »

Happy Chewbacca Mom Strikes Back on James Corden!

chewbacca mom james corden

THE WORLD IS IN LOVE WITH CHEWBACCA MOM! How could you not with such an infectious laugh! Well last night, James Corden invited Candace Payne on The Late Late Show with a special appearance from J.J. Abrams himself and it doesn’t stop there! Corden does a small interview with Candace and has a surprise message from Peter Mayhew! CHEWBACCA HIMSELF! Watch ... Read More »

The Beauty And The Beast Teaser Trailer Is Here!

Beauty And The Beast

Disney is SLAYING the box office left and right. Between Star Wars, Marvel movies and The Jungle Book, they just continue to hit it out of the park.  Next year, we’ve got another one to look forward to: The Beauty and The Beast live-action remake. Starring Emma Watson (Harry Potter series) as Belle and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as The Beast. ... Read More »

This Lady is the most Joyful Wookie Ever!!!

chewbacca lady

With all the negative in the world, Candace Payne has made EVERYONE’S day today with her love for her new Chewbacca toy! Just have tissues nearby to help you with all the tears from laughing! Thanks for your joy Candace, you’ve made my #FeelGoodFriday the best one this month! -Mo! Read More »

Local band Luxxe covers Kaleo’s “Way Down We Go”

Luxxe band

Our friends with local band Luxxe have been diggin on Kaleo’s “Way Down We Go” lately. They tweeted out a mini video clip of their cover and we wanted to hear more! So they hooked it up with a full version that you should check out below! Enjoy and show our local bands some love below 😀 -Mo!   Read More »

Honest Trailers Review For Deadpool

honest trailers deadpool

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet… We can’t be friends… BUT! You can redeem yourself when you watch the guys at Screen Junkies give Deadpool their famous “Honest Trailers” treatment below! A LOT of bleeps so if you’re at work, bust out the headphones and be careful to not bust out laughing. Enjoy! -Mo!   Oh! Don’t forget Deadpool comes out ... Read More »

Paramore teases pics from recording new album

Paramore new album

Haley Williams of Paramore has had a pretty awesome year so far. She finally got married to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, launched a new hair dye company called GoodDYEyoung and now she’s teasing us fans with pics of her and Taylor York in studio…. preparing for their upcoming album. *Fan Girl Scream Now* Who else is excited? -Mo! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Read More »