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Empire of the Sun is coming out with a new album!


Earlier this year, Empire of the Sun’s 2013 song “Walking On A Dream” was in your head thanks to that Honda Civic Commercial. Now it seems the Australian duo is returning with new music AND a new album! Two Vines is set to drop October 28th and the first song off it is “High And Low”. Check out the video and ... Read More »

Pizza Hut is turning their pizza boxes into playable turntables


In case you were looking for new ways to enjoy a pizza box after the pizza is gone, Pizza Hut has now made the world’s first playable DJ pizza box. The box is still made of cardboard but includes a special touch sensitive control and will connect to your phone or computer via Bluetooth. Check out how everything works below: ... Read More »

Mo and Rob try the new Swedish Fish Oreos on Facebook Live

MO and Rob Swedish Fish

As soon as we heard about the new Swedish Fish Oreo flavors… WE HAD TO TRY IT. It’s just such an odd combination of flavors that we wanted to test it so you don’t have to waste $3 bucks on crappy cookies… Watch the video below to find out the results. I’ll give you a hint, Rob, our overnight guy, ... Read More »

“Sausage Party” Movie Review w/ Brent and Mo!

Sausage Party Poster

The SUUUUUUPER Not safe for kids, animated movie is FINALLY HERE! Sausage Party starring Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and sooo many others is released out in theaters Friday August 12th. My buddy Brent Hankins gives us a little review of what he thought of the movie… it’s graphic but so worth it! Check out our convo about the movie below. ... Read More »

Brace Yourselves… Swedish Fish Oreos are a thing

Swedish Fish Orea

I know it sounds like the two worlds shouldn’t combine but this is ‘Murica! And why can’t we have the best of the Swedish Fish and Oreo cookie world?! Luckily the fine folks are Nabisco mixed up this cherry, chocolate combo. So far these babies are being sold on Ebay and ALL Kroger grocery stores… So if you’re near a ... Read More »