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The Los Angeles-based sextet – vocalist James Mason, keyboardist Emily Dickinson, guitarist Jonny Vesely, bassist Miles Franco, backing vocalist Aimee Proal and drummer David Allen play a sleek, souped-up style of synth-pop that equally takes its cues from the current crop of genre peers like Walk The Moon, Smallpools, CHVRCHES and Cherry Pools, but also legendary acts like The Ronettes and The Beach Boys. The band’s EP, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD, recently re-released by Selma Records with a few re-imagined tracks, swirl these decades-spanning influences and an overall indie aesthetic to create a blend of pop and rock that’s all at once topical and timeless.

Mason came to LA via Austin in 2016, collaborating with producer Ethan Kaufmann (Avril Lavigne, Driver Friendly) and building Paper Jackets from the ground up with the help of friends like Dickinson. Along the way, the singer and his bandmates leaned on their years of experience as musicians and songwriters to give their then-new project an air of confidence and swagger that oozes into the songs on Don’t Lose Your Head and elevates Paper Jackets beyond their years.


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