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The Wrecks – Freaking Out

“The most important part of songwriting for me is telling the truth,” says Nick Anderson, frontman for The Wrecks. “I’ve never been a fiction writer. Everything I sing comes straight from my life.”

That raw, electrifying honesty has defined The Wrecks from the start, and it’s the heart and soul of the LA band’s exhilarating debut LP, due out later this year via Big Noise. Recorded primarily in an old barn-turned-studio in western New York, the album pushes The Wrecks’ sound to new heights, infusing the addictive hooks and explosive arrangements of their early EPs with the riotous energy and undeniable charisma of their live shows. The band produced most of the album themselves over the course of three months of intensive studio work and self-reflection, and the end result is their most ambitious release yet, a taut, searing collection that blends loose, gritty adventurousness with deliberate, focused craftsmanship.


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