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Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

foos official

The Foo Fighters are giving us their new EP for free and it’s glorious. I mean who could possibly be mad at new music from the Foo Fighters? Remember when I mentioned the Foo Fighters had been recording in Austin around their time playing ACL? Well this is the result. Saint Cecilia is the name of the hotel where the ... Read More »

The Arcs new song “Young” releasing on Record Store Day 11/27


Dan Auerbach’s one busy mo-fo! Producing Cage The Elephants new album, wrapping up The Black Key’s Turn Blue Tour then dropping a whole new album with his other band “The Arcs”. How does one find the time?! Well, some where in between being awesome and sleeping, The Arcs had time to do a few more new tracks they’ll release on Black Friday ... Read More »

Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime


This new Coldplay song is so good it almost makes everything else sound mediocre. I mean I liked it so much I just played it on the air 2 times in a row…. I never do that. Give it a listen and your day will instantly get better. Seriously, it’s really that good! xo – CT Read More »

BANKS – Better


BANKS vibes have been speaking to me for a while now… To be honest I’m kinda in love with everything she does. So much so that she was my most listened to artist on Spotify in 2014.There’s just something special about the way the articulates her feelings through music. Something that maybe you’ll connect with when you hear her new ... Read More »