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Rewind: The History behind Doc Martens

Doc Martens Example

As we all enjoy this Rewind Weekend, let’s look back at a definite staple of 90’s culture…those Doc Marten kicks. The story actually begins in WWII Germany surprisingly enough, where we find the man himself, Klaus Maertins. The story goes that in 1945 Klaus was on leave and he had injured his foot in a skiing incident. By the time ... Read More »

Weekend Rewind: The Toys that Defined Childhood


As the enjoy and embrace the lives we get to live this Memorial Day Weekend, it’s important to bring to light one of the most important elements of a child’s life…Childhood. A time where the rules seem distant and almost anything seems possible. For many, nostalgia for this time is one of the quickest ways to tug at someone’s heartstrings, ... Read More »

Achy Breaky Heart, You Tear My Name Apart


Yup Billy Ray Cyrus is back in the spotlight, but not for the usual reason. There’s no career revival to speak of, and he hasn’t gone insane or anything, but Billy Ray is going to change. Yesterday afternoon Billy Ray Cyrus announced that he would be getting his name changed legally. Many people were surprised and understandably confused at the ... Read More »

Brace Yourselves: Lisa Frank Clothing Is Coming…

LF Dolphin Crop Top

If you’re not familiar with Lisa Frank, you obviously didn’t grow up with girls in the 90’s. With those hot, bold colors and animal printed folders, how could you not be familiar with it?! Well, your inner tween will have a chance to shine again cause they’re making clothes now! RageOn! Just look at all those colors! It’s like the rainbow puke ... Read More »

Two mashups that remind you the 90’s were awesome


If you grew up in the 90’s then both of these mashups will be the best thing on the internet for you! First video posted by Buzzfeed BFF on Facebook shows The Lion King intro mashed with Kid Rock’s “Bawitdabaw”… too perfect on so many levels. The next video comes from IsThisHowYouGoViral on Youtube. If you grew up in the 90’s, ... Read More »