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New iPhone May Cost Up Towards $1000?!?

apple money

As per usual with this time of year, people all over are wondering what Apple’s next iPhone will be like. Will there be a new exterior design that blows away the competition? Will it somehow integrate VR? Or maybe it will cost you a thousand bucks…wait, what? Yes, some rumors have been coming out saying that Apple’s next phone will ... Read More »

Even Fried Chicken is Getting Smarter

Fried Chicken Lookin' good my man

Like, technology-wise at least. Recently over in Hangzhou, China Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is extremely popular in China) recently built a concept restaurant where customers could pay for their meal with a smile. That’s it, a simple flash of the teeth (and an input of their phone number) and the customer is charged for their meal. While this may seem ... Read More »

This week on Homegrown: The Battle For Dia De Los ALT Bands!


WELCOME TO HOMEGROWN! A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo! This week Stinkeye, DAISY, People Who Could Fly, Rival Coast and Paper Foxes are competing to open up at Dia De Los ALT! Join us Friday, September 8th at Pub Rock Live, doors at 7pm. The event is free to 21+ ūüėÄ Monday: Stinkeye ... Read More »

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

Just a quick little Happy Labor Day from all of us at 93.3 KDKB! Whether you can spend today sleeping in and hanging out with your friends, or you have to head over to work¬†like any other Monday, hopefully today can be a relaxing day for you and revitalize you as summer sadly comes to a close. All weekend long ... Read More »

Rewind: The History behind Doc Martens

Doc Martens Example

As we all enjoy this Rewind Weekend, let’s look back at a definite staple of 90’s culture…those Doc Marten kicks. The story actually begins in WWII Germany surprisingly enough, where we find the man himself, Klaus Maertins. The story goes that in 1945 Klaus was on leave and he had injured his foot in a skiing incident. By the time ... Read More »

Discussion: Vinyl Records, Are they Up to the Hype?


As we celebrate this Rewind Weekend you may be tempted to look deep into your closet and open up some forgotten memories. These could be old toys back from when you were younger, or pictures that remind you of the good old days, complete with places you haven’t been to in a while, and faces of people who may be ... Read More »

OneRepublic in Phoenix Soon, Check Out Some of Their Underrated Hits!

Image Property of Interscope Records

OneRepublic is set to preform in Ak-Chin Pavilion this Tuesday (Don’t worry, there’s still tickets left, for a decent price too!) And if you either are going to the show, or just going to check it out on¬†Twitter afterwards, it may do some good to remind you of some of there underrated hits. That way, if they actually play any ... Read More »

Comedic Pop Punk Medley “All the Old Things” is AWESOME

Image Property of Sunrise Skater Kids

Sometimes, we can catch ourselves reminiscing about the past. Maybe things were easier, or they¬†were people or memories that we remember fondly. This can be especially true with music, with certain songs encompassing parts of life in general. For example, for me, Capital Cities’s “Safe and Sound” will always remind me of summertime, back when there¬†were little to no responsibilities ... Read More »

This Week On Homegrown: Decker, El West, Harrison Fjord & Paper Foxes!


WELCOME TO HOMEGROWN! A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo! Like one of one the bands we‚Äôre featuring this week on ALT AZ 93.3? Vote to hear their song again for the Friday Replay at the bottom of the page. Monday: It‚Äôs with a wry wink at his bank account, then, that¬†decker.¬†named his new ... Read More »

Ice Cream: Which Type is People’s Favorite?

Ice Cream Tower

With summer sadly winding down (at least in terms of the months, and not the temperature itself) you may be interested in enjoying one of summer’s perfect delicacies, Ice cream. It can be from a cone, in a little paper¬†bowl, or even mushed out of a machine, people love Ice Cream. But which¬†one is the best-vanilla, vanilla is still the ... Read More »