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A Retro TV Converted To A Gaming Console, Debit Card App For Kids & The Little Wheelchair That Could Climb Stairs in Nerdgasm News!

retro gaming tv

  The Wheelchair that could! There’s a next generation wheelchair that not only makes you look as awesome as Professor X from the X-Men, but it also climbs stairs! The SCEWO Wheelchair of tomorrow uses rigid rubber grips to navigate up and down stairs, including spiral ones, and can lift you higher up if you need to grab something. There’s ... Read More »

Super Mario Run Coming to Apple App Store


A new app was announced at Apple’s Keynote conference; Super Mario Run. The game (that can be played with one hand) is coming to the app store by the end of the year to coincide with the launch of iOS 10 . Instead of pay-to-play it will be sold at one flat price. Source Read More »

Waze: An App That Helps You Avoid Concert Traffic


There’s now an app that will help you to better navigate event-related traffic and share real-time road information with other attendees. According to Waze, the app helps “alleviate the frustration of navigating around marathon closures or getting stuck in game-day traffic” by allowing program organizers to update the app with road closures and delays. Source Read More »

A Live Action Pokémon Movie? Yea, That’s Happening!

pokemon go

(Image Source: TV Tokyo) Legendary Entertainment is teaming up with Pokémon Company, and Universal Pictures to make a live-action Pokémon movie. This will be the start of an all live-action franchise. Production won’t begin until 2017, but we do know that the title of the film will be ‘Detective Pikachu’ (based on a new character that is part of an exclusive Japanese ... Read More »