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Nerdgasm News: Star Wars Celebration pays tribute to Carrie Fisher, Play the Lottery at the MVD & Nintendo is Discontinuing the NES Classic


Classic Nintendo is discontinuing The NES Classic  If you didn’t get your hands on the new NES Classic mini console from Nintendo yet, you may wanna start huntin for those like Easter Eggs, cause they’re about to be Game Over! Play the lottery while at the MVD Your long waits at the ADOT MVD could lead you to some cold, ... Read More »

How Old Rockers can Ring New

Credit to Christopher Mark

When the curtains of mass popularity finally close, many artists either retire happily, or spend the rest of their lives chasing after it again. But what about those who instead just keep going, just in a different capacity? This includes things like lessened tour schedules, pursuits in the other aspects of music (like teaching), or just giving back to local communities. One ... Read More »

MTV’s is actually playing music videos!?!

MTV flag

The only catch is these videos are going to be old. See MTV is re-branding VH1 Classic as MTV Classic next month. So I guess they think changing the name makes it a bit more cool? But here’s what I want to know…. who’s still paying for cable that includes all the bonus channels? LOL. I actually got rid of ... Read More »