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Foo Fighters: The Puppet Masters to Our Emotions

Picture Credit to Christopher Mark

This band may have been around since the late 90’s, but dang have they not lost their touch. Ever since “Learn To Fly” dropped all those years ago, the Foo Fighters have had an interesting way of drawing in anyone with their distinctive sound. The two elements responsible for this trait are their powerful percussion lines and the raw, unfiltered, ... Read More »

Foo Fighters Working On New Album in 2017

foo fighters crying man stage

According to Consequence of Sound,  Dave Graham, CEO of Latitude 38, the entertainment company behind BottleRock (music festival) told Dave Kerns of the Napa Valley Registry that “The Foo Fighters are in the studio all next year recording a new album and BottleRock may be their only show in 2017 in North America”. This would be the Foo Fighters’ 9th full ... Read More »

Dave Grohl’s Mom Is Writing A Book

foo fighters crying man stage

According to Billboard, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, (Dave Grohl’s mom) is writing a book titled “From Cradle To Stage: Stories From The Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars”. Virginia decided that she wanted to answer the question that many people have of rock stars, “How did they get to where they are?”. She decided to interview Verna Griffin (Dr. Dre’s ... Read More »

Musicians Losing It On Stage

band fight

We’ve all had those days at work where your want to rip someone’s head off right? Well rock stars do too…head is about to explode. When rock stars have those days on the job it’s pretty epic… CLICK HERE FOR 13 MORE   Read More »


Foo Fighters new singer

On Tuesday night… The Foo Fighters twitter page released some earth rattling news to fans… Official band announcement tomorrow night. Stay tuned. — Foo Fighters (@foofighters) March 2, 2016 Needless to say rumors of their breakup have flying around since November of 2015… now.. they finally have the news ready for you all… in the best way they can give ... Read More »

Dave Grohl vs Animal

dave grol animal

This is honestly one of the best things I’ve seen all week….  I’m not sure who actually won this epic drum off. But it probably doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that it happened and it’s an awesome way to spend 60 seconds of your life. “Oh what’s that? A bell? Time for school!” enjoy – CT IT'S ON! – ... Read More »

Foo Fighters curtain malfunctions during Amsterdam show

Foo Fighter curtain malfunction

I know it sounds worse than it actually was. But it was more than hilarious to Dave as he sits in his epic guitar throne, about to rock the crowd out with “Everlong”. He had to stop just a few seconds into it the lyrics to have them fix the issue. I guess there’s always something entertaining happening at a Foo Fighters ... Read More »

Foos covering Queen is freakin. magical. every. time.

taylor hawkins ratt drummer

Good Rock Gods Batman! When Foo Fighters decide to cover a Queen song, its freakin magical every time! Why you ask? Personally? I think it’s cause we get to see Taylor Hawkins really shine when he takes over Freddie Mercury vocals and just nail it. They recently covered Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down” w/ Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer! Enjoy! -Mo! Featured ... Read More »