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Good Guy Grohl Strikes Agaaaaaaiiiiin!

With all the terrible things that happen in the world or ridiculous twitter fighters between celebrities, it’s good to see that people can be human and still love and respect one another. Dave Grohl continues to be that change that we’ve been dying to see! He goes about it a different way cause he’s basically a bad ass and he’s a ... Read More »

There Goes Our Hero… Dave Grohl!

There goes our hero… watch him as he rocks out on a guitar throne made for a rock king!   While Dave was in a morphine haze (gettin his broken leg all fixed up at the hospitals) he came up with one of the greatest stage prop ideas ever! A guitar throne fit for a broken-legged rock king! The ‘Guitar Throne’ made ... Read More »

Foo Fighters Hold Surprise Concert In L.A.

It’s a good time to live in L.A. thanks to a surprise concert announcement from Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. This Saturday, January 10th at the Forum, the band will be holding a state side tour before they depart for their Sonic Highways World Tour. Not only is the show a surprise, but it is also for charity, as ... Read More »

Never Before Heard Dave Grohl Song “Hooker On The Street”

On the latest episode of the Foo Fighters series “Sonic Highways” we saw frontman and leader Dave Grohl back in Seattle. While he was there he visited his old friend producer Barrett Jones and they played a little snippet of a never before heard song that Dave Grohl recorded in the early 90s. Now that said song “Hooker On The ... Read More »