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HELLBOY is coming back (kind of), Rocket Raccoon Needs Your Help & This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life in Nerdgasm News!

  This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life In The Water Every summer, it seems the rates of people drowning in pools get Too Damn High! Luckily the creators of PLOOTA feel the same. They currently have a kickstarter up for an inflatable collar you wear around your neck while swimming and if it senses any danger, it will automatically ... Read More »

Nerdgasm News: Bandages that monitor your healing time, Electric Long Boards & Star Wars Land Details!

Scientists are developing Smart Bandages to monitor you injury and send you updates on your phone Yeah Science! It looks like Swansea University are attempting to create a bandage, that can detect how your wound is healing and send back updates to your doctor (or smart phone). Using a 3D printingproccess, these bandages would also have 5G wireless data to help send out that ... Read More »

Star Wars Land… Hell Yeah!

Disneyland announced the release date of their new attraction… Star Wars Land.  Star Wars Land in both Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim will be open some time in 2019.  One billion dollars and two years later, us normal people (Star Wars geeks) will be able finally cross at least one thing off our bucket list. Read full ... Read More »

The magic of Disney

Disney has a truly magical impact on kids. My second memory in life was going to Disneyland in California… I was 3 years and 1 month old. I remember the plane ride, main street, the inside of the castle, goofy walking right past a much shorter easier to miss version of me, and so much more. My point is Disney ... Read More »