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Mo and Kongos

Mo had a chance to hang out with half of the boys from Kongos and chat with them about their new movie that they have premiering at The Phoenix Film Festival. They talked about how the film came about and how it is to be a band that’s on the cusp of success. Catch the full interview below in audio ... Read More »

Lost Lake Festival Tips!

Just a quick little reminder on some of the things you should do if your heading to (or already enjoying) Lost Lake Festival. First, between all the awesome bands, be sure to try out all the food you can! Understandably money can be an issue here, but do what’s possible for your festival budget and I’m sure you’ll find delicious ... Read More »

Lollapalooza’s Highlights for Twenty One Pilots

If this video doesn’t get you pumped to watch Twenty One Pilots SOLD OUT show in October, you’re probably not one of the MILLIONS of people who are ALL ABOUT the duo. Check out their behind-the-scenes highlight video from Lollapalooza and PS. that crowd looks insane. Hats off to ANYONE that can get on stage and perform for that many people…. ... Read More »

Warped Tour Band Announcements Start Today

The Vans Warped Tour 2015 will start announcing the first wave of bands for the tour. This will happen every Wednesday where the tour will announce the bands that will appear on the festival. Stay locked on ALT AZ as we will announce the bands at the same time for everyone to see. Read More »

Warped Tour To Announce Bands Next Month

Starting next month the Vans Warped Tour will start announcing bands for the 2015 run of the tour. Click here to check out all the dates and cities that Warped will be hitting next summer. With this announcement we want to ask you guys what bands you are hoping will be on the tour next summer? Check out some kick ... Read More »