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Foo Fighters Snubbed At The Emmys

Foo Fighters snubbed at Sunday nights Primetime Emmys on FOX. The band was scheduled to be the first ever rock band to perform on the awards show Sunday night. The Foo’s where all set to peform a song off their new album “Sonic Highways” but FOX ultimately put a nix on their performance. Dave and the band released a statement ... Read More »

Foo Fighters just RAISED. THE. BAR. with their dream “Super Duper Group”

HOLY. ROCK AND ROLL LEGENDS. BATMAN. The bar is raised, yet again, by the incredible Foo Fighters are joined by Led Zepplin bassist John Paul Jones and Queen drummer Roger Taylor. To add more to the magic, drummer Taylor Hawkins steppin out in front of the drums and handling Freddie Mercury’s vocals for their cover of “Under Pressure”! No words can describe the awesomeness you are ... Read More »

Foo Fighters jam w/ John Popper from Blues Traveler

Along one of the many stops Foo Fighters have made on their US tour, each show has been news worthy! At a recent show in Indiana, Dave brought up Blues Traveler harmonica extraordinaire and singer John Popper and had a pretty solid Jam session. The dates for their Phoenix show is getting closer and closer, getting people more excited to ... Read More »

The Foo Fighters vs Westboro Baptist Church – take 2

The band previously engaged Westboro Baptist Church in 2011 when they played “Keep it Clean” to a bunch of their protesters. Fast forward to this past weekend when the Foo Fighters were back in Kansas City. The band was made aware that the church was protesting again, so they got in a truck and rode out to meet them. This ... Read More »

Good Guy Grohl Strikes Agaaaaaaiiiiin!

With all the terrible things that happen in the world or ridiculous twitter fighters between celebrities, it’s good to see that people can be human and still love and respect one another. Dave Grohl continues to be that change that we’ve been dying to see! He goes about it a different way cause he’s basically a bad ass and he’s a ... Read More »